Quality guys

Who are Quality guys and what do they do?

Quality guys are five students from the biology department each representing one of the divisions. Quality guys, or in Finnish Laatuhemmot, carry out quality control concerning improving and maintaining the quality of tuition from the perspective of students.

For instance Quality guys….
….are in charge of the course feedback system and summing up the feedback
….organize projects aiming to improve the quality of tuition
….host The Afternoon of Tuition or Opetuksen iltapäivä twice each academic year.

In addition to maintaining the quality of tuition, quality guys aim to connect students and staff by keeping the channels of communication open. Quality guys also promote their concept of student run quality control in their own department as well as outside it. For example Quality guys have been central to the starting of the evaluation activities at the English department.

What are they needed for?

It goes without saying that the quality of tuition has to remain high. Courses have to be updated and improved regularly so that they can fulfill their initial purpose. It benefits all parties when the level of tuition stays high. The Universities Act also obligates universities to actively evaluate the quality of tuition.

Quality guys for the year 2018-2019 are:

  • Lotta Mäkinen WET (Aquatic sciences), lotta.e.makinen@student.jyu.fi
  • Laura Miettinen CMB (Cell and molecular biology), laura.e.miettinen@student.jyu.fi
  • Onni Sirkiä CMB (Cell and molecular biology), onni.n.sirkia@student.jyu.fi
  • Anette Ursin ENV (Environmental science), anette.a.k.ursin@student.jyu.fi
  • Saija Vuorenmaa ECO (Ecology and evolutionary biology), saija.k.vuorenmaa@student.jyu.fi