Tsirpautus week 14

Chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Tsirpautus is Syrinx’s newsletter that is sent to your email every
Sunday. Here you can find out what Syrinx has to offer next week so stay tuned!

Here are the events for next week:

  • Syrinx goes JyväSpeksi on Tuesday (9.4.) at 18.00 @University’s main building
  • Syrinx and Otsoni’s sport hour on Wednesday (10.4.) at 18-19 o’clock (floorball) @U2.
  • Payback Round 2019 on Thursday (11.4) at 17.00 @Lounaispuisto
  • BiTa 2019 (12.4.-14.4.) Friday-Sunday @Oulu Departure from Ambiotica’s gravel parking area at 12 o’clock on (12.4.) Friday. Read the “Infoa BiTaan liittyen!”- email.


Hellou ma dudes and dudettes! I must add that I’ll be going to donate blood on Monday (8.4.) at 14.00 at Kalevankatu’s SPR blood donation place. You’re welcome to join if you want and are able to . (You can check it from here: http://www.sovinkoluovuttajaksi.fi (has an English option).


Have a nice week! Let’s chirp again next week!