Tsirpautus week 15

chirp chirp Chirp chirp!


Sorry for the late Tsirpautus but luckily this week doesn’t have anything vital on Monday. Excuse: BiTa 

Tsirpautus is Syrinx’s newsletter that is sent to your email every
Sunday. Here you can find out what Syrinx has to offer next week so stay tuned!

Here are the events for next week:

  • Syrinx and Otsoni’s sport hour on Wednesday (17.4.) HAS BEEN CANCELED THIS WEEK!
  • 3miot on Thursday (18.4.) starting at 18 o’clock @Hollywood Bowling/Passion/Club Escape. More info from here: https://www.facebook.com/events/316862852362931/ You can still get tickets so check the link.


  • Those who are going to Syrinx’s Spring Trip are leaving to Saarenmaa on Thursday 18.4. Have a fun trip! 

Have a great Easter! Let’s chirp again next week!