Tsirpautus week 16

Chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Hellouh everyone, I hope you had a great Easter break! The following week has a bit more things happening so check out Syrinx’s FB-page also so you don’t miss out on anything. I’ll try to add everything also in the website tomorrow.

Tsirpautus is Syrinx’s newsletter that is sent to your email every
Sunday (but in this case on a Monday). Here you can find out what Syrinx has to offer next week so stay tuned!

Here are the events for next week:

  • Syrinx and Otsoni’s sport hour on Wednesday (24.4.) at 18-19 o’clock (basketball) @U2
  • Vappu Sitsfest on Wednesday (24.4.) at 18-22 @Bra2. Don’t be late!
  • VappuAppro & VappuAppro afterparty on Wednesday (24.4.) Appro starts at 17.00 @Lounaispuisto and Appron afterparty @Club Escape stating at 22.00. Appro’s info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2252699674942137/  


I hope this wasn’t too messy… Anyway…


Have a nice week everyone! Let’s chirp again next week!