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Board member & Officer positions

On this page, you’ll find concise introductions to all of Syrinx’s board and official positions. The introductions aim to highlight the key responsibilities of each position. While these roles come with specific named duties, feel free to develop them according to your own interests! If, for example, you want to create an entirely new event concept, that is entirely possible. In these roles, only imagination (and budget) is the limit. All new ideas and thoughts are more than welcome. So, feel free to join in enthusiastically and contribute to the development of board activities!

If you have any questions about the positions, please don’t hesitate to contact the current position holder or any member of the board. We are here for you and will do our best to answer all your questions.

Board member positions

As an essential part of all board positions, attendance at board meetings and assisting other board members when needed is required. Board members are obligated to participate in board meetings, which are generally held once every two weeks (with justifiable reasons for absence, of course). It is also desirable for board members to attend meetings organized by JYY forums. For example, the Social Affairs and Well-being Officer may attend meetings of the well-being forum, and Chairs may attend the Chairs’ forum, and so on. When all board members take care of their respective responsibilities, the operation runs smoothly, and the workload does not accumulate on individual persons. However, tasks should never be done alone, and help and advice can always be sought when needed!

Chairman and Vice Chairman

The chairman and vice chairman work closely together in guiding the entire Syrinx board and officials. Their responsibilities include convening, organizing, and chairing meetings, as well as planning agenda items. Chairmen must constantly stay informed about the affairs of the student organization, and it is their responsibility to delegate tasks within the board. If necessary, the chairmen also handle various representative duties.

Event team

The event team is responsible for the majority of Syrinx’s events. They organize everything from sitsfests to bingo nights, and from apartment crawls to bar tours. Members of the event team have the opportunity to plan and execute a variety of events, both interdisciplinary and within the student organization. In practice, their tasks include finding and booking event venues, planning programs and possible catering, organizing registrations, promoting events, and handling other event communication.


The secretary’s tasks include writing records of meetings and maintaining the membership register of Syrinx.

Communications Coordinatior

The role of communications Coordinator includes tasks such as writing and sending the weekly Tsirpautus, moderating email lists, and conveying messages to the lists, as well as updating social media. Although the communications coordinator has the primary responsibility for communication, each board member is responsible for writing email messages related to their specific areas of responsibility.

Sports Officer

The Sports Officer takes care of organizing Syrinx’s weekly sports shift and arranges multiple sports trials throughout the year. They are responsible for planning, booking, and promoting both the sports shift and sports trials. The Sports Officer also participates in organizing joint sports events with MatLu (STEM students), such as the May Day baseball game.

Corsporate Relations and Excursions Officer

The Corporate Relations and Excursions Officer is responsible for ensuring the up-to-date status of Syrinx’s partnership agreements, seeking new collaboration opportunities, drafting potential new agreements, and organizing excursions. The goal is to organize at least two excursions during the year, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Environmental Officer

The Environmental Officer organizes various environmentally themed events and initiatives for Syrinx, such as litter-picking events, and oversees the implementation of Syrinx’s environmental plan. They update the plan as needed in collaboration with the rest of the board. The Environmental Officer may also communicate current environmental themes to the members.

Manager of Economy

The manager of economy is responsible for Syrinx’s financial transactions. In practice, this involves tasks such as paying and invoicing bills and expense reimbursements. Additionally, they are responsible for the organization’s accounting and monitoring the budg


The Social Affairs and Well-being Officer (SoPo) is responsible for issues related to equality and well-being within the student organization. The duties include collecting feedback on events through surveys, reviewing the collected feedback, and communicating it to the board. SoPo may also gather feedback on other areas, such as student well-being. Additionally, SoPo is responsible for communicating well-being and equality themes to the members and organizing social evenings in collaboration with KoPo (Responsible of Educational Policies). If necessary, SoPo addresses any issues that arise.


The Responsible of Educational Policies (KoPo) is responsible for all kinds of educational policy matters. Key themes in KoPo’s role include, for example, the quality and improvement of teaching. In practice, KoPo participates in various meetings with the department staff, collects and monitors feedback, and addresses any possible issues. KoPo also organizes social evenings in collaboration with SoPo (Social Affairs and Well-being Officer) and communicates current educational policy themes to the members.

Officer positions

The responsibilities of officials are generally quite specific; for example, the May Day event “Huiskilo” coordinator focuses on organizing a single event, while the webmaster is solely responsible for the website. Officials are not obliged to attend board meetings, but collaboration and communication with the board is still important.

Nature Excursions Coordinator

The Nature Excursions Coordinator organizes various nature excursions for Syrinx, including shorter day trips and longer autumn and spring excursions. Organizing these excursions involves various tasks, such as arranging accommodations and transportation, selecting excursion destinations and routes, and planning other activities. In addition to excursions, the Nature Excursions Coordinator is also involved in organizing traditional species identification -event, Eliöralli.

3mio Coordinator

The 3miot Coordinator, as the name suggests, is responsible for organizing the 3miot student party in collaboration with the counterparts from other student organizations. The 3miot team gets to plan aspects such as the theme of the party and the evening’s program. They are also responsible for promoting the event.

Gaming Officer

The Gaming Officer’s responsibility is to organize Syrinx’s video and board game nights, known as “Lanit” -parties. Organizing this event allows for creativity, and only the sky (and budget) is the limit! The goal is to host at least two game nights throughout the year.

Webmaster aka website manager

The Webmaster is responsible for taking care of Syrinx’s website. In practice, this includes updating the website as needed (e.g., according to the board’s wishes) and resolving any technical issues that may arise.

Stakeholder Relations Officer

The Stakeholder Relations Officer takes care of maintaining communication between Syrinx and its stakeholders. This includes, for example, managing the communication between Loimu (union of natural and environmental sciences and forestry)  and Syrinx.

Huiskilo Coordinator

The Children’s May Day Event Coordinator is responsible for organizing the annual children’s May Day event, Huiskilo. The coordinator assembles the Huiskilo team in early spring, and together they begin planning and organizing the event. This involves tasks such as finding and booking a suitable venue, planning the program, promoting the event, acquiring necessary supplies, and ordering doughnuts and sima (a traditional May Day drink). Additionally, the coordinator must make the required announcements in advance and arrange for a security supervisor for the event.

Editor-in-Chief of Äänielin

The Editor-in-Chief is primarily responsible for Syrinx’s student organization magazine, Äänielin. Tasks include assembling the editorial team, conceptualizing the magazine, planning and implementing it in collaboration with the editorial team. In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, the editor-in-chief takes care of printing, advertising, and distribution of the magazine. If desired, they can also organize various events; for example, this year, various art workshops related to Äänielin have been organized.

International Affairs Coordinator

The International Affairs Coordinator, or Internationalization Officer, is tasked with serving as a link between our international students and Syrinx. They collaborate with international tutors and assist exchange students in integrating into the university’s student culture.

Dance and Insect Officer

The Dance and Insect Officer position has traditionally been considered a retirement position for former chairpersons or long-time board members. The officer’s task is to read the freshman oath at the orientation event held in the fall.