What are sitsit?

Sitsit are a formal party in which participants eat, sing and drink together. This is know as "sitsaaminen" or to "sitsata". A typical quality for sitsit is a theme which guides the dress code and possibly their behavior. Styrol, a song book that natural sciences students use while they practice sitsaaminen, is a song book that is often used in Syrre's sitsit. A really impo...
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Syrinx’s Spring nature trip to Saarenmaa, Estonia!

To Saarenmaa! So what's coming is Spring nature trip to Saarenmaa, Estonia on Thursday 18th of April to 22nd of April. It's during Easter holiday. The registration begins on 8th of March at 12.00 o'clock and ends on the 15th of March at 23.59 o'clock. First 20 participants fit in so stay sharp during registration time. Registration will open on Friday March 8th at 12:00...
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Salatut Elämät sitsfest this evening!

Salatut Elämät sitsfest are on the 14th of March and start at 18.00 o'clock at Club Escape. Don't be late. Briefly about Salatut Elämät: Salatut Elämät (Secret lives) is a Finnish soap opera that is located in a fictional street Pihlajankatu where different kind of people live. The show first aired on 25th of January 1999 and is still on air to this day. So this will be the...
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