Something for freshmen (2019)

I put some links here what a freshman might need. You just might easily or accidentally find some info that interests you. Some of these are the same links that you can find in our department’s website but here you might find them quicker.

You should have a study guide notey-thing. Read it through or at least carefully eye it through. It has all the necessary information.

And congratulations!

Here are already links that will help you forward

Yliopiston yleiset neuvot fukseille

University’s advice for freshmen

^ (especially for exchange students) ^

Jyväskylä’s map of the campus

(Our department is in building YAA, a part of Ylistö’s facilities)

Syrre or more formally Syrinx ry is a student organization for students of biological and environmental sciences. In brief as an organization we organize events, get-togethers, regular physical activities, trips and more fun stuff. We also will gladly help if you have different kind of problems especially during your first year if for example your tutors aren’t present.

Here’s two links. First I recommend you read at least once (will not be in an exam) and the other link I recommend you to use when you feel like you don’t know what’s happening around you.

Most important events for a freshman

Event calendar

You should familiarize yourself to our site. We have useful tools which help you keep up to date on events, sports hours and registrations for events and so on. The most important tool is Tsirpautus.

My favorite, Tsirpautus or “Chirpings”, is a news letter that is sent to Syrinx’s mailing list every Sunday by our Information Officer. It holds everything a member needs for the coming week. If you’re interested what we’ve been doing the past semester, click the link, it’ll guide you there.

Old “Chirpings”

Also more info can be found in Facebook and Instagram. You should follow those. In Facebook you can find registrations and events are often created in Facebook.