What are sitsit?

Sitsit are a formal party in which participants eat, sing and drink together. This is know as “sitsaaminen” or to “sitsata”. A typical quality for sitsit is a theme which guides the dress code and possibly their behavior. Styrol, a song book that natural sciences students use while they practice sitsaaminen, is a song book that is often used in Syrre’s sitsit.

A really important thing to mention is that you’re not obligated to drink alcohol in these events. A good amount of students like to participate sitsit as alcohol-free participant. That is because singing and the company are the most important part in sitsit.

Course of Sitsit

Sitsit start at a specific time. Being late is not an option. Participants go and stand in front of their seats until toastmasters give them permission to sit. The course of sitsit strongly depend on their toastmasters. In the beginning of sitsit rules are told that participants have to obey. If you break the rules, you’ll get a punishment.

Common sitsi practices


Mellan sup!

When you hear this being said, your fellow sitsi participant wants to water their throat in between verses of a song or they want to sing an additional verse. So take your drink to your hand and raise your drink with the person in front of you. The person that requested “Mellan sup” will continue the song as it should or with their additional verse.


After a song it is polite to remember your friend and say “skål”. Now you have to perform a sort of toast choreography with your fellow sitsi participants.

  1. Divided toast
    1. Men will toast first to their right. Female’s to their left.
    2. Toast with the fellow on your other side.
    3. Lastly toast with the person in front of you.
  2. Neutral toast
    1. Toast to your front right
    2. Toast to your front left
    3. Toast with the person in front of you

Speaking turn

If you want a speaking turn, wish a song, bust a participant for breaking the rules or challenge a specific group to perform a song, it is good to speak politely to toastmasters and fellow sitsi participants. The steps to a good speaking turn are below.

  1. Raise your hand and wait for a toastmaster to give you permission to speak
  2. Stand up if you can
  3. Address toastmasters and sitsi people politely
  4. Introduce yourself and tell who you are
    1. Answer politely and/or smartly with possible questions that arise
  5. Tell the reason for your speaking turn. For example wish “Sörnai gusha” song

Possible need to go to the restroom

There are different customs between student organizations and sitsit regarding going to the restroom. In the beginning of sitsit, toastmasters will tell the rules that you have to abide to during those sitsit. Common sense is of course allowed. If you must go, then go.

Here was couple of tips regarding sitsit. You will learn more by attending to sitsit. Sitsit are all in all really comfortable and memorable events, so you should definitely attend to at least one sitsit in your student life. ~Pyry Alenius