Who is Syrinx?

We are a student body of students of the Department of Biosciences and Environmental Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä. We are the students of Ylist with the Tumakuukkel in green overalls. We often obey the name Syrinx, or more commonly, Syrre.

“With great laziness, comes great exploitation of Google Translate”


“I’ll just give up on translating this and just feed the text to Google Translate as a whole and post the translation on Syrinx’s website”

The one who wrote this in Finnish

If you see a determined student in the woods or by the water, you have probably noticed a current, past or future Syrre kind. Yes, the stray student next to it is probably also a Syrre kind, but a cell biologist or other indoor practicing student.

Most Syrre kind are students of the Department of Biosciences and Environmental Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä. Often there are also minor subject students in the field who are also very welcome to our subject organization.

As you get lost near or inside Ambiotica (YAA), you may see a spacious space on the second floor, Tuma. Tuma is a kind of oasis for all students in need of space, as well as a center containing a eukaryotic cell lineage. At the Ambiotica Tuma, the writers of the bachelor’s and master’s thongs are looking for information and shaping their lives right on top of the vimonen, consuming too much coffee and tea. Yes, many of them are Syrre kind, but the real Syrup cradle is Koppi.

Cabin, sheltered and insulated space next to Tuma. Inside you’ll find a messy bookcase, a handful of sofas, and nowadays a mysterious unicorn (did he escape from Oulu?) And a handmade bear. Koppi is part of the life of Syrre kind, at least at some point in their studies. Professionals, lecturers and guests can escape there. There you can forget everything or learn what you didn’t realize before. Find or reject the topic of your study. In addition, there you will find others who all have the same situation.

Interested in refreshing and mind-blowing reading? Find your voice and enjoy it. Whether you’re a Syrre kind or a reindeer breeder from Lapland, you get a great information pack and an entertaining experience as you read the audio. It’s like a direct connection to the Syrre kind brain. But don’t be frightened, for the shock is over and you will be refreshed quickly as you cook a cup of cumps that you can enjoy at the booth as you see fit.

What unites us and what crystallizes Syrinx? From the forest all the way to its catchment area and to the water animals and even waterfowl and their parasites. Habitats and how changes to them affect populations and cells. Every Syrre kind associates interest in one of these entities and crystallizes Syrinx.

Plus, we held parties and other fun.