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The principles of equality

Syrinx’s principles of equality are made for ensuring equal conditions for Syrinx’s members and they are supposed to work as a guide for making Syrinx’s activities more equal. Principles cover the obligations of the equality act and the non-discrimination act and are made based on the equality guide of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä.

To further equality, we must first recognise the factors that can make activities and services less accessible. With the identification of these barriers, it is possible to promote equality and parity in action. The following list will name factors that need to be considered in the subject association’s activities.

  • Age

Age discrimination includes actions that stop or hinder someone’s participation in student organisation’s activities because of their age. Syrinx aims to progress conversation and agreement among students, despite of their age. Syrinx’s activities must consider every age group.

  • Origin, nationality, and language

Syrinx is an international student organization. People from different cultures are treated equally. The official language is Finnish, but we use also English in our communications. The member’s origin or nationality cannot restrain participation in Syrinx’s activities or events.

  • Religion, view of life and believes

Syrinx is a politically uncommitted student organization. Also, the student paper, Äänielin, is politically uncommitted. This does not exclude the possibility to talk about current social phenomena if the conversation is done respectfully.

  • Family relations

Students with underage children are often a minority in student organizations. Syrinx tries to enable the participation of all members, including those who have children. This applies also in situations where students have a family member to take care of. The interests of members with different family situations are furthered as actively as the interests of all other members.

  • Sex, gender expression and sexual orientation

The equality between the sexes, gender diversity and sexual orientation are also considered in Syrinx. No one is discriminated against or harassed because of sex, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation in Syrinx.

  • The state of health and ability to function

The built environment and insufficient support services may cause obstacles to study and activities in the subject association. Students have the right to equal treatment regardless of their health status or ability to function. As a subject association, Syrinx strives to enable all its members to participate in the subject association’s events and other activities regardless of their health status or ability to function. Syrinx pays attention to accessibility in its activities.

Syrinx does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, bullying or inappropriate behaviour. However, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour do occur, and attention must be paid to the prevention of these situations in all activities of the subject association. Syrinx also has its own safer space principles, which must be followed in all Syrinx activities. In all events of Syrinx, there is a designated equality representative. The purpose of the equality representative is to support members in situations where harassment, discrimination, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour has occurred. The equality representative intervenes in the perceived grievances within the available resources. The equality representative is always obliged to remain confidential.