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Syrinx’s guidelines for a safer space

The purpose of these guidelines is to make Syrinx’s activities safer for everyone. Everyone has the right to feel safe without the fear of discrimination. All members of Syrinx are equally responsible for putting these guidelines into practice. The aim of these guidelines is not to prohibit the discussion of any topics, even the difficult ones, but to guide everyone to discuss the topics respectfully.

Respect others, their opinions and their personal space. For example, do not touch anyone without permission or stare at anyone disturbingly. Give space to others and if you feel like it, ask for space for yourself as well. Different opinions are welcome, but hate speech is not acceptable in any form.

Respect the opinions of others and try to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to take part in the conversation. Try to speak in a way that everyone can understand. For example, explain any difficult terms you are using and make sure that people who speak a foreign language also have the opportunity to take part in the conversation. Do not ask personal questions if you do not know the person well.

Try to avoid making assumptions of others and try to be open towards new people and subjects. For example, do not assume anyone’s gender, sexual orientation, values, religion, nationality, ethnicity, health, background, functional abilities, or other characteristics.

Do not verbally harass anyone or use discriminatory language. For example, don’t use racist, homophobic (= offensive to sexual minorities), transphobic (= offensive to gender minorities) or ableist (= offensive to disabled people) language. Don’t mock or belittle others. Avoid speculation and gossip. 

Listen, learn and apologize. Treat upcoming situations as an opportunity to learn something new. Try to identify your own presuppositions and privileges. If someone points out your actions, be open to listening and improving. Apologise if you have offended someone. However, remember that making mistakes is also human.

Intervene with any inappropriate behaviour you notice. When you intervene in the situation, do it with respect for all parties involved. However, only intervene in the situation if you feel safe doing so. If necessary, ask for help from, for example, SoPo-KoPo, other Syrinx board members, Goodies or JYY’s harassment contact person. Discussions with any of these people mentioned are confidential.

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