Quality guys

Who are Quality guys and what do they do?

Quality guys are students who represent other students regarding the development and quality control of tuition in our department. In practice this means following tasks:

  • Participating tuition development group meetings once a month
  • Organizing the Afternoon of Tuition as well as the Wine and Whine once a year
  • Forwarding course feedback to the teacher in charge when necessary
  • Other possible projects regarding the development and quality control of tuition

The aim of Quality guy activity is to improve the communication between the staff and the students of our department in order to make course as functional and fluent as possible. In addition to the benefits of common good, the Quality guy activity is driven by the Universities Act (§87) which states that the university is actively required to evaluate the quality of its tuition. Main contact persons between the staff and the Quality guys are the pedagogic leader and the education designer of our department. Quality guys are a rather independent group which relies heavily on voluntary activity and will to make improvements. There are currently five Quality guys in our department.

Quality guys in our department currently are

  • ECO: Saija Vuorenmaa, saija.k.vuorenmaa@student.jyu.fi
  • CMB: Onni Sirkiä, onni.n.sirkia@student.jyu.fi
  • CMB: Laura Miettinen, laura.e.miettinen@student.jyu.fi
  • ENV: Anette Ursin, anette.a.k.ursin@student.jyu.fi
  • WET: Lotta Mäkinen, lotta.e.makinen@student.jyu.fi